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Introducing Balances!

April 20, 2024

new balances feature

We’re excited to introduce Balances in OneSplit!
With this feature, you can easily track the total balance between you and your friends with whom you’ve shared bills.
Balances also provides a detailed breakdown of events contributing to your current balance, making it easy to view and navigate specific expenses.
Need to exclude payments you’ve already made? Simply mark them as settled to keep your balances up-to-date and accurate.
Update your app to explore Balances today for smarter financial management!

OneSplit 1.0 is here!

Dec 11, 2023


Digitize Receipts Easily

Use our top-of-the-class OCR scanner to digitize your receipts. This advanced tool turns your paper receipts into digital format quickly and accurately, with no need for manual input.

Toggle and Assign Expenses

After scanning, simply toggle the circles of the people involved and assign them to the expense. This easy-to-use feature helps you quickly split costs among everyone who participated. You can also set who paid the bill or add tips!

Adjust Shares with a Slide

If expenses need to be split unequally, just slide right to adjust each person’s share. This feature makes sure everyone pays their fair share based on what they consumed.

Multi-Currency Support

OneSplit supports over 100 currencies. You can set the currency of the original bill and see who owes what in any currency you prefer. This is perfect for international transactions.
Explore these new features in OneSplit today and make splitting expenses simpler than ever!