Scan Receipt

Scan the bill and OneSplit automatically identifies items, prices and the currency

Bill sharing made easy

Tap to assign item to one or more persons. App does the rest, instantly calculating everyone their own total

You can leave some items unassigned and that will be split by everyone equally

Add tip

Don't forget to add the tip, tax, or any additional expense to make it fair

Settle Up

Keep track of totals as you go. Add new expenses to the event, and OneSplit recalculates it for you.

You can also see overall balance between you and your friends.

share with Friends

Share bills and summary with people outside the app by link or QR code.

Even with those who don't have it installed or are viewing on a computer.

search quickly

Search by the expense, bill or an event.

No need to keep old receipts if they can be stored and looked up digitally.

100+ currencies

See the spending summary in whichever currency you prefer. For free!

Why we built OneSplit?

Our app is built around three core principles: digitizing bills, effortless sharing, and simplifying splitting.


Firstly, we streamline receipt management by digitizing bills. This eliminates manual data entry, ensuring precise expense tracking with just a quick snapshot.


Then we prioritize seamless sharing by offering shareable links and QR codes. This simplifies collaboration and promotes transparency, eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets or uncomfortable money discussions.


Lastly, we ensure ease and simplicity in splitting bills. Our intuitive interface allows users to allocate expenses, add tips, and customize details effortlessly, freeing everyone to enjoy experiences without financial concerns.